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If your business is looking to expand its marketing with a digital campaign, it can be hard to know where to start in an ever-changing digital environment.

For example, you may want to stay relevant with younger shoppers, which is something a lot of our clients remain focused on to grow their businesses. But before you define your target audience, there are a few building blocks that are critical to set you up for success in the digital landscape. In this blog we’ll talk about some important steps we typically review with our clients when kicking off a new campaign.

Develop your business presence on social media

If you’re a new business or new to social media then setting up a business page is a great first step. Make sure you have a Business Page for Facebook and/or an Instagram account. These are two main social media platforms you want to make sure are covered first. Once you have an understanding of how they work, and how they can support your business, then you can expand to additional platforms.

We recommend getting started with a business page on Facebook as this is one of the most scalable and user-friendly platforms. A wide range of age groups utilize Facebook, so having a strong Facebook business profile will help you engage with customers of all ages.

For Facebook Ads and setting up a campaign, there are quite a few parameters that need to be discussed. These include detailed targeting such as age groups, interest and location. We can help find the right targeting for your needs on a campaign kickoff call, and we can certainly assist in setting up your business profile on Facebook.

Get comfortable with all things Google

Setting up a Google My Business Page is necessary to make sure your business can be found. This is your digital business listing for the Google Search Platform. Make sure this information is correct and accurate. Most customers will search for a business and tap the phone number, look up the address or check the business hours through this listing.

Your company’s Google My Business Page is the location where Google will publish reviews customers write for your business. When you get new reviews, it’s always good to reply to those reviews to build a rapport with your customers. And if you happen to get a negative review, it’s a chance to proactively address a customer’s concerns to turn a bad experience into a good one. 

Once you have your Google My Business Page set up, you can expand to other Google products. The next logical step is to set up a Google Search Campaign or a keyword campaign. You can also start publishing company videos on YouTube, which is part of the Google network. 

Google Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a great way to start off a campaign for your business. We usually recommend starting with a keyword campaign for new clients looking to build a digital marketing plan. These campaigns help drive traffic to your website and usually help increase online form submissions. These campaigns also allow you to reach customers that are in-market for your services as they are actively searching for the keywords you are using to serve up your ads.

YouTube is a great channel to target customers as you can run video campaigns to reach them through connected TV devices in your region. The key is to make sure you have enough video content. We recommend changing out your video creative at least every 30 days, so you want to have enough video content to keep your message fresh. YouTube can be viewed through the app on phones and tablets or via the ever-growing connected TV market.

Ready to get started?

If you are feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to begin, let the experts at SWBR help you and your business with a tailored strategy. We’re proud to help many local businesses throughout the Lehigh Valley and nationally with their Google campaigns. Reach out today for your very own custom solution to drive sales.



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