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Creating an effective landing page can make the difference between engaging your audience or losing it. It usually has one specific purpose, to sell a product or to promote an idea, and it needs to be more than a pretty layout to retain the viewer. You have to lead your audience there and then you need to convert them into customers by building a better landing page experience.

The following tips will help you design landing pages that convert a higher percentage of prospects into customers.

First, get your target audience to your landing page

This is typically done with some form of paid boosting method such as Google Adwords. People are always searching for things and you need to take advantage of that when they are in-market to buy what you’re selling.

Choose a compelling headline that grabs attention 

It’s the first thing they will read and it will start them on their path to sign up to learn more or to complete their purchase. It’s your opportunity to quickly tell them what they need to know about your product or service. Keep it short and to the point. Your sales pitch needs to clearly describe what you’re selling and persuade readers to action.

Imagery is equally important

Strong visuals grab the attention of your visitor. Choose impactful, high-quality images. Your main image will set the tone visually and will certainly help your audience understand more about what you’re selling. Sure everything about your landing page should be communicated quickly and clearly state what you’re offering and that includes the visual. Choosing the wrong visual, whether it’s content, color or quality, can cost you conversions.

Let’s not forget about your call to action

The most important part of your landing page will drive your audience to do what you want them to do: buy, sign up, act now, etc. to make sure your call to action gets noticed. If your audience doesn’t see it, your chances drop abruptly. This is a make or break moment. Use color, location and design to put your call to action right in front of their eyes. This is not where you want to be cute or conservative.

Your landing page should be kept as simple as possible

People should not have to work hard to get the information they need. The success of a landing page is improved by simplicity. Focus on one message and help people learn it quickly – and keep the important content higher up on the page. Don’t send them to other pages to learn more. Keep it simple, simple, simple.

Always measure success

Track the performance of your landing page through heat maps and Google Analytics. Set up goals and events to monitor activity. This will allow you to make adjustments to build better landing pages that maximize performance based on user behavior. Even the best designed landing pages can require a tune up to increase their effectiveness.

If you’re considering building a new landing page and you need help, Contact SWBR and we can help you design, develop and launch your big idea. Let’s chat.



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