Three fixes for social media mistakes you’re making

social media mistakes

Avoiding social media mistakes is critical to maximizing success, so staying up to speed on the latest updates and trends on these social platforms can help you sidestep these hazards.

There’s no denying that social media has become an integral part of the marketing efforts for nearly every business. But just because a business is out there on social media, it doesn’t mean it’s doing everything right?

Over the years, there have been major pitfalls that many businesses have fallen victim to when it comes to how they handle social media promotion, from the content they post to how they engage with their audience.

To steer your business in the right direction, below we highlight three common social media mistakes businesses make, along with solutions to strengthen your efforts.

Social Media Mistake No. 1: Purchasing followers and likes

What?! Businesses DO THAT? Oh, yes … yes they do! And although it makes everything look good at surface level with vanity likes and “consistent” follower growth, the health of their accounts begin to diminish. Their reach begins to tank and their organic engagement becomes obsolete. Purchasing followers and likes is icky and NEEDS to be left behind.

Solution No. 1: Build a community

This solution often gets the eye roll because it doesn’t fit the agenda of quick wins. A common misconception is that social media needs to provide instant gratification and overnight success. The unsexy answer is that building up a roster of loyal followers takes time – as it should! At the end of the day, you want qualified followers who actually give a damn about your brand and aren’t just fake bots. Focusing on having meaningful dialogue with followers, providing content that resonates with your customers, and humanizing your brand will help your business grow organically and healthily. It’s important to create a two-way conversation and to have quick response times when customers leave comments.

Social Media Mistake No. 2: Posting sporadically

We get it – we’ve been there! One month, your business posts a lot of great content, and then you creatively get burnt out and go on a social media hiatus for five months. The problem? Any potential customer who lands on your social media accounts will automatically judge your business depending on the last time you posted. Are they real? Are they fake? Is this business not doing well? Is their customer service lacking? Judgments will be made before you even have the chance to speak with them.

Solution No. 2: Create a schedule

This is how you take control and possibly eliminate the chances of anyone pre-judging your business because of your social media presence. Having a schedule that works for your business and is easy to stick to will do your social media account wonders. Whether it’s one time a week to get started, or an ambitious three times a week to get the word out there, design a schedule that is manageable and stick to it. Also, definitely be sure to create content that is purposeful and that fits your company’s brand image. Don’t publish posts just to post. Always have meaning behind each post!

Social Media Mistake No. 3: Ignoring your analytics

When’s the last time you checked out your business’s analytics? You’d be surprised how often business owners have NEVER looked in the backend of their social media pages to see what efforts are paying off and what ones could be improved! Ignoring your analytics is a surefire way to remain on the hamster wheel of creation never knowing whether your efforts are hitting (or missing) the mark!

Solution No. 3: Peel back the curtain on those useful numbers

Talk about quick-wins! Revealing what your analytics have been trying to tell you all along will help you create content easily in the future. Take a look at the last year (or three) of data on each social channel you’re actively using, evaluate what posts performed the best, and see if you can emulate that content for the future. Also evaluate what content performed the worst, and see if there is a way to salvage that content and give it new life. Try to look at analytics mid-month to see how your efforts are performing, and then again at the end of the month to see the last month’s performance as a whole. Rinse and repeat!

If this all seems a little overwhelming, don’t worry, that’s why we handle this for our clients! If you believe your business would thrive on social media but simply don’t have the time to commit to a strategy, contact SWBR to see how we can get your social media on the fast track to success!



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