Create a B2B brand first impression that sparkles

To build a strong B2B brand first impression you have to think differently.

It’s the goal of every company – and every marketer – to create a brand that dominates their respective marketplace. Every brand wants to be a household name, drive tremendous sales growth, and perhaps, even change the world with its product or service.

But what if you’re a B2B brand. How do you get noticed in a sea of sameness? It’s hard to stand out when you lead with the technical details most B2B companies believe need to be conveyed up front in their sales pitch.

To rise above the noise you have to think differently.

If you’re wondering what your competitors are doing, there’s a good chance they are taking the safe approach. I’ve witnessed too many vanilla ideas chosen over far more clever options.

So when your competitors turn right, you should go left.

Don’t think like a B2B company.

You might be selling something very sophisticated to a select market, but the key for your B2B brand is to think like a B2C brand. Yep, it’s that simple. Just think like a consumer. You do that by simplifying your messaging to a short, punchy slogan that is catchy and informative.

Some of the most memorable campaign slogans have used five words or less to make an impact. From Nike’s “Just Do It,” and Wendy’s “Where’s The Beef,” to the California Milk Processor Board’s “Got Milk,” and the National Livestock and Meat Board’s “Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner,” these campaigns all hit the mark.

Selling your latest widget may not be the same as selling sneakers, hamburgers, milk or beef, but you can still have some fun with your marketing campaigns. You don’t need to be long-winded about very technical products. At least not when making a first impression. Save the details for after you have their attention.

Don’t be afraid of being different, because even if you’re selling from one business to another, remember that we’re all consumers. We all put our pants on the same way, regardless of the industry we work in. So speak to your customers – and fellow consumers – in simple, short slogans they can relate to and that they’ll remember.

A well-crafted marketing slogan is kinda like the hook or chorus in your favorite song. The chorus probably doesn’t tell the whole story, but it gets stuck in your head. Once that happens, your idea has been firmly planted in your prospect’s mind.

You still need to build a strong strategic plan for your brand or for the launch of your new product. The campaign messaging needs to be well thought out and be true to your brand or product.

But if you want to make a memorable B2B brand first impression that sparkles, then don’t be afraid to have a little fun.

Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign was brought to life in the late 1980s and Nike is still using it today. That’s a lot of mileage and brand recognition from three simple words. And the “Got Milk” and “Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner” campaigns have had long runs of success as well.

Your slogan has to deliver on a key product benefit, but perhaps use a few less charts and graphs. Set aside the details and instead apply a little more pizazz.

There are milliseconds in today’s oversaturated digital world to get your message across to your target audience, so choose your words wisely and make your message count.

If you’re looking for new ways to get your company noticed, Contact SWBR to see how we can add a little sparkle to your B2B marketing campaign.



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