Scalable digital marketing designed to fit your business

Scalable digital marketing

What’s the push for digital marketing? Is it only fancy buzzwords?

In simple terms, digital marketing encompasses all marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the internet. To get a better understanding of what that looks like, most of the tactics that fall in the digital bucket include website development, programmatic advertising, content marketing, social media, email marketing, marketing automation, SEO, and analytics.

These efforts can be scaled to meet the unique goals of your business. With the right strategic partner, digital marketing can be used to build your brand, boost lead generation, aid your sales team, identify customer trends, boost sales through e-commerce, and more. Scalable digital marketing is definitely more than fancy buzzwords and it’s becoming essential for many businesses.

If you have yet to dip your toe in the water of digital marketing, or would like to expand your company’s campaign efforts, SWBR can help. To start, here are three essential benefits of digital marketing:

Maximum flexibility
Plans need to adapt to your needs and 2020 is a perfect example. Digital marketing initiatives can change quickly, so ads and automation can be adjusted daily if necessary. If you need to stop running a certain promotion? No problem. If you need to alert stakeholders to a policy change in production? No problem. Shifting on the fly to optimize campaigns to meet the needs of the moment are important factors in maximizing results.

Cost-effective solutions
Digital marketing offers an extremely specific audience targeting tactics. With these tactics, you can hone in on exactly who you are going after. Take one of our past clients, for example, Christie Medical. We composed a strategic plan with email blasts and sponsored social content to reach a broad audience of medical professionals, resulting in a lower individual cost per lead and an overall boost in qualified leads.

Unlimited audience reach
Digital campaigns should have multiple touchpoints leveraging several channels that allow your brand to grow and nurture relationships through your sales funnel to both prospective and current customers. You can also efficiently run a series of campaigns that provide the flexibility to deliver specific messages to prospects within different segments of your business.

Above all, digital marketing is scalable and can provide benefits to businesses of all sizes. However, working with the right digital partner is crucial to the success of your efforts.

SWBR works with local, regional, and national clients to build and execute scalable digital marketing strategies that meet the unique needs of each business. As a HubSpot Agency Partner and a certified Google Partner, our premier digital team has the tools and proven experience to help grow your business.

To put a little more mustard behind your digital efforts, contact us to start a digital partnership that pays dividends.



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Ernie Thomas



Advertising is in Ernie’s DNA as he’s a third-generation family member to join the business his late grandfather founded. With that pedigree comes an almost six sense of identifying the “it factor” needed to create campaigns that spark customers to action. Ernie (or ET) uses his outgoing personality to connect with clients to build strong collaborative relationships. He digs deep to uncover new opportunities that will make a measurable difference for each client’s business. A graduate of Eastern University and Saint Joseph’s University (MBA), he has the book smarts and experience to elevate brand communications with strategies that challenge the status quo. He’s always guiding Team SWBR toward the correct target audiences, smartest campaign messages, right digital channels and best traditional tactics suited to boost sales.

When he’s not working, Ernie enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter. He’s also an avid golfer still searching for his first hole-in-one.