Leverage website data to improve marketing results

marketing results

Your website provides current and prospective customers with around-the-clock access to your business. It allows them to learn about your products and services, compare you to competitors, or get in touch with your business when and how it’s convenient for them.

While your website is a great tool for potential customers to evaluate your business, it can also provide your company with a deeper understanding of its target audience.

With each visit, your website collects countless data points that can be leveraged to improve marketing results. In this blog, we’ll review how website user behavior can be used to better understand the interests of your target audience to boost website performance and drive more conversions.

Define the demographic profiles of your customers

Starting with the basics, your website data provides insights into your target audience’s demographic profiles. Everything about your target audience from age and gender to location and device preferences as well as common interests can be mined from your website data.

Are the majority of your website visitors sports fans over 50? Are customers primarily using a desktop or mobile device to visit your website? Which specific cities or counties within your footprint are lacking customers?

With this data in hand, your business can refine marketing efforts to focus on prominent customer segments or place more emphasis on customer segments with opportunity for growth. This demographic data can be used to refine digital marketing campaigns, evaluate streaming TV options or billboard locations and even plan radio or print media promotions.

Determine your most appealing products or services

Beyond assisting with the development of customer demographic profiles, website data can reveal specific needs and interests related to your business. Every page visited, the average amount of time spent on each page, each button click and form completed provides hints into the purchasing process of your customers.

What product or service pages are visited most frequently? What are the most common entrance pages? Are there any visitor behavior trends within customer demographic segments?

Among other items, this data can provide valuable insights into the products or services that your customers are most interested in. This information should be leveraged to guide the products and services prominently featured in promotional activities. It can even be utilized to aid in new product development by honing in on the features, services and benefits that are drawing the most attention from website visitors.

Identify where to focus your marketing efforts

Beyond gathering information about the demographic profiles of your customers and their behavior on your website, understanding how they’re finding you and which traffic sources convert the most customers is critical. Armed with this intel, you can then refine the performance of campaigns to ultimately boost your marketing results. 

Are customers coming to your website after seeing a boosted social post? Are your promotional email campaigns driving sales? Are customers primarily finding you through your paid search or display campaigns?

This data is essential in identifying the promotional channels, campaigns and ads that are most effective in driving website traffic and leads. With it, you can make informed decisions around budget allocation among advertising mediums and digital campaigns to maximize results.

At SWBR, we thoroughly evaluate the website data of our clients to uncover invaluable customer insights and leverage them to improve marketing efforts. If you’re not sure where to start or are looking to kick it up a few notches, get in touch with SWBR or send me an email.



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