Amidst this pandemic, adapt your digital media spend for success

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So many of us have been cooped up for quite some time in our houses and makeshift home offices. COVID-19, better known as the Coronavirus, has plagued the United States for the better part of two months now. One word comes to mind when I think about the current situation and that’s “adapt.” The definition is, “to make fit often by modification.”

Think about how we have had to modify our everyday lives – and businesses – around this virus. Throughout this pandemic, business owners are assessing their marketing efforts and wondering if it’s the best time to run online ads. Below are a few things to consider when strategizing the right plan for your digital media spend.

Adapt your advertising campaigns to fit you
Advertisers in today’s climate need to adapt and they need to do so quicker than ever. When we think of media outlets, we know that digital media will allow changes faster than traditional media. The best vehicles for communicating your brand’s message are social media, programmatic display, and search and native media, but the real key to success lies in using the right strategic and tactical efforts associated with each outlet to promote your brand awareness. As this pandemic continues to disrupt the fundamental aspects of the digital advertising world, especially with ad spending, there are benefits in continuing to invest in your brand’s online presence through a mix of trusted and innovative solutions.

Many advertisers are thinking, what can we cut with minimal impact? What would be detrimental to cut? These answers are different for each business, but a trend we’re seeing is that many businesses are pivoting their campaigns to address the needs of today’s consumers. So thinking about what is relevant and unique about your company is a good place to start assessing your approach.

A tactical digital campaign can be a win-win
At SWBR, we agree that digital campaign performance is more important than ever with traditional media channels less likely to support your campaign in a holistic approach. It is critical to hone in on precisely what variables are producing results, whether it’s identifying which ads or keywords are performing best, or determining which channels are generating the most engagement. We look closely at what pieces within the campaign are driving the most conversions, such as form fill on a website, phone calls to the business, or additional traffic to the landing page.

As we weather this crisis, we highly suggest businesses focus on website traffic and page visits to continue to drive awareness and engagement. We’re seeing a lot more audiences out there because people have more time – and are spending it online. In addition, there is a lack of competition in some industries because many advertisers are pausing their campaigns. This new reality could give you an advantage over your competitors depending on how aggressive you want to support your brand.

What’s the right approach for your marketing efforts
We believe it’s important to be helpful and not pushy. You still need to build a marketing plan that fits your budget and your business, but we can help you maximize your digital media spend no matter your budget to drive results. For some clients, it may be better to focus on other marketing efforts. For others, it’s just a matter of adjusting the message and goals of their digital campaigns. Overall, you need to determine what is going to provide the most value.

Social distancing is in full effect and we are all trying to take care of ourselves. As the overall global ad spend declines, some channels show more promise than others, and that is exactly where the focus should be. Businesses hit by the crisis should look to spend money on resilient channels such as search, social media, and email.

Need help in adapting your marketing approach? Get in touch with SWBR to discuss your campaign needs, goals, and objectives. From there, we’ll put together a custom campaign specific to your business.



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