SWBR picks the Super Bowl XVII commercials that made a splash


Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs on winning Super Bowl LVII, defeating the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35. The Chiefs were led by league MVP Patrick Mahomes, who capped off another remarkable season with Super Bowl LVII MVP honors.

But how about the competition off the field that pits the biggest brands in the world against each other. Every year companies jockey to win the big day and win over customers with their creative Super Bowl commercials.

It’s a fierce battle for sure as the reported cost of a 30-second commercial for Super Bowl LVII sold for as much as $7 million. The price is sky high, but the Super Bowl always guarantees a HUGE audience. Last year, the big game drew an estimated audience of 99 million viewers in the U.S. alone.

With that many viewers, it’s hard to impress everyone with such a diverse audience tuning in to watch – and judge. Which brands pulled it off and generated a return on their investment? The team at SWBR has our thoughts on which commercials stood out, but we’d love to hear from you on what commercial gets your vote as the best.

Below are the commercials that stood out for us:


Dave’s Pick: Molson Coors | The High Stakes Beer Ad

Why It Won: The battle between the two friends at the bar over which of the classic beer brands – Miller Lite or Coors Light – is better was simple yet entertaining. It reminded you of the long-standing beer brands while a choreographed “fight” scene played out. While you waited to see which beer would win, they switched it up and said it was actually a Blue Moon Beer Ad!

What I Liked: Clever twist to show the newer and popular Blue Moon branded beer is actually better than the two classic labels. So the slight shock factor gave the spot an aha moment. But it only worked because the ad kept me waiting for the answer. And, of course, Molson Coors, brews Coors, Miller and Blue Moon, so it was really three ads in one. Well done.


ET’s Pick: Michelob ULTRA | New Members Day

Why It Won: Fantastic commercial that would catch the eyes of all 21+ audience members. Whether you saw Caddyshack in theaters, have seen it on Netflix or maybe never saw it (go watch it now), this commercial had something to catch anyone’s eyes. 

What I Liked: It was great to see a new, modern twist on a personal favorite movie. The star studded cast (Serena Williams, Brian Cox, Jimmy Butler, Canelo Alvarex, Tony Romo and more) parading around a golf course made this commercial an easy favorite.


Jackie’s Pick: The Farmer’s Dog | Forever 

Why It Won: It was the most emotional commercial of the night, showing a young girl growing up with her puppy and eventually having a child of her own and the dog becoming old and gray.

What I Liked: It was moving and shows the importance of keeping your dog healthy so you can have that companionship for years to come. The commercial was relatable with having memories of a pet being there for you through it all.


Elizabeth’s Pick: Rakuten | Clueless

Why It Won: After a nearly 30-year absence, the iconic character of Cher Horowitz made her grand return to the small screen – and who better to tap into as an authentic brand ambassador for a cash back shopping platform than the Beverly Hills debutante whose closet was the envy of every teenager (strike that—woman) across the globe? Partnering with the legendary  fashionista who charmed our hearts back in 1995 and hasn’t lost her sense of exquisite style, taste, or looks was a pairing that merries better than Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. As if there was a better spokesperson!

What I Liked: In a post-COVID world where at least outwardly, life has returned within normal limits, the experience of reuniting with cherished friends and reminiscing over beloved memories from the past is emotionally unmatched. When Alicia Silverstone and Elisa Donovan reprised their roles that catapulted them to superstardom, it was like attending my own high school reunion, leaving me with nothing but the warm and fuzzies inside while experiences from the past came flooding back into my mind. Like returning to the halls of my alma mater, the cherished, cult classic nature of “Clueless” is meant to be frozen in time (listen up, Hollywood), but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun to revisit the classroom and team up with our fashion-forward companions again…especially if it means watching a brilliant creation of a  re-duel between frenemies. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up from this audience!


Michael’s Pick: PopCorners Breaking Bad Super Bowl Commercial | Breaking Good 60

Why It Won: Walter and Jesse (Brian Cranston and Aaron Paul) from Breaking Bad are back together again cooking air-popped chips in the RV. I felt it was a winner because it was an unexpected return of characters that so many people loved.

What I Liked: I liked the spot because it was entertaining, engaging and it implies that there is life after drug dealing for even Walter and Jesse. The commercial got even better when they were making a deal with Tuco from the cartel. Tuco puts the guys on the spot when he demands seven flavors not six. They delivered a clear, branded message of what the product is and that there are many flavors to pick from. A very clever concept indeed!


Mikala’s Pick: M&M’s | Ma&Ya’s Candy Coated Clam Bites

Why It Won: I had to watch this commercial several times to fully grasp what was happening, which was part of the enjoyment for me. Candy coated clam bites are repulsive, so watching a beautifully produced advertisement trying to shill this product is hilarious to me. The absurdity of this concept is what brought me back to this commercial repeatedly. I kept thinking “What is going on? Is this a joke? Why is the red M&M holding a sign that reads ‘HELP’?” Trying to unravel the madness of this ad led to me watching it over and over again which in my opinion, makes it a successful ad.

What I Liked: The absurd and hilarious implications of this ad made it a winner for me. Overall it appeared as if Maya is holding the spokescandies hostage so that she can market a vile product. Where are the traditional spokescandies? Did Maya Rudolph do something to them? The dark undertones implied by the red M&M begging for help was the perfect cherry on top for such a ridiculous storyline. In conclusion, this ad is living in my head rent-free.


Jessica’s Pick: Dunkin’ Donuts | Dunkin’ ‘Drive-Thru’ Starring Ben

Why It Won: I’ve been a big, big fan of Ben Affleck for the last 20 years, and Ben’s been a big, big fan of Dunkin for even longer. So seeing all the years of Ben’s love for the coffee come full circle in a Dunkin commercial where he’s a Dunkin employee, was just *chef’s kiss*.

What I Liked:  As if this commercial couldn’t get better with my boy Ben and my fav coffee – Dunkin then added the fun twist of having Ben’s wife, JLO (aka Jenny from the block) pull up to the drive-thru window and is *shocked* to see him working there. The banter between the couple had me LOLing and as a long-time supporter of their rekindled relationship after their breakup in 2004, it was just the commercial I needed! Plus – the commercial felt like it was paying homage to Ben’s brother, Casey, and his SNL Dunkin skit back in 2016.


Terese’s Pick: Kia | Binky Dad

Why It Won: KIA’s Telluride ad,  featuring the Rocky musical score,  was an immediate mood lift and subtle nod to the Philadelphia Eagles. This spot – produced for parents – recognizes that they, too, are in the game of their life. Moreover, “Binky Dad” wins for humorously curating the extreme and absurd lengths that parents undertake to satisfy all of the needs, whimpers, and whims (“she likes the blue one!”)  of their babies and families.

What I liked: Any parent can relate to the urgency of a forgotten pacifier, or whatever is missing in the life of one’s child. And in a year when KIA’s rebranding (I love it for its modernism, but the new logo is tougher to read than necessary), this entertaining “slice of life” spot with a baby reinforces KIA’s family-friendly, “goes anywhere at any lengths” Telluride in a beautiful “Eagles” deep teal color.


We’d love to know what commercial was your favorite during Super Bowl LVII, and if you’d like to make a video or commercial to help your company stand out from the crowd, contact SWBR and we’ll get started right away.



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