Turn leads into customers with a smart marketing plan that never sleeps

If you’re looking to gain an edge and convert more prospects into customers, a savvy marketing automation program could be the perfect fit for your business.

Marketing automation is a great way to efficiently send the right brand messages to the right customers at the right time to boost sales and improve customer retention. It’s been used extensively by consumer brands, but it’s fast becoming an excellent engagement tool for business-to-business communications. It will streamline your customer outreach program – or it can aid follow up with trade show leads – and it functions whenever your customers are actively engaged with your brand. It never sleeps.

If you’ve surfed the web and signed up for anything using your email, then you’ve been targeted through a marketing automation or digital advertising campaign without even knowing it. And that’s the beauty about it. When implemented properly, it can be a digital sales companion to nudge customers to purchase your product. It’s less pushy and more supportive. It’s all about working smarter, and it’s a tactic we’ve successfully used to achieve results for our clients.

Working with Arrow Fastener, we ran a 10 Weeks of Awesome campaign where customers signed up for a chance to win weekly prizes. This effort reinvigorated the brand and significantly extended Arrow’s digital footprint by renewing a conversation with their customers.

At the conclusion of the campaign, Arrow had thousands of brand loyalists that opted-in and wanted more from the brand. In the next phase of the campaign, we introduced marketing automation to extend the conversation centered on what their customers most want to know about. That conversation was shaped by their customers’ actions and activities as we simply eliminated the guesswork.

Instead of tracking page views on your website and then building email messaging around the most viewed content for everyone, we are now able to refine the message. With marketing automation that uses emails as digital IDs to track customers, you can identify specifically who visited a web page or viewed a video. Armed with this knowledge, you can build messaging that speaks to the individual needs of each customer.

Marketing automation allows you to effectively define your target audiences. It provides better relationship marketing to customers, by managing leads and segmenting target audiences to ensure the right message is delivered to the right customer. If someone is shopping for a staple gun, you don’t want to send a follow up email about glue guns. You want to serve up content – project ideas, product uses or specific product benefits – that support the sale of that staple gun.

No matter what product you are selling or who you are selling it to, marketing automation helps take your marketing communication plan to the next level. It creates a singular conversation designed to support each customer’s journey on your website. And it’s always working to help you close the sale.

If you’re already using marketing automation as part of your brand’s outreach program, then you’re ahead of the game. If you’d like to learn more about putting marketing automation to work for your business, we’d be happy to help.



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Ernie Thomas



Advertising is in Ernie’s DNA as he’s a third-generation family member to join the business his late grandfather founded. With that pedigree comes an almost six sense of identifying the “it factor” needed to create campaigns that spark customers to action. Ernie (or ET) uses his outgoing personality to connect with clients to build strong collaborative relationships. He digs deep to uncover new opportunities that will make a measurable difference for each client’s business. A graduate of Eastern University and Saint Joseph’s University (MBA), he has the book smarts and experience to elevate brand communications with strategies that challenge the status quo. He’s always guiding Team SWBR toward the correct target audiences, smartest campaign messages, right digital channels and best traditional tactics suited to boost sales.

When he’s not working, Ernie enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter. He’s also an avid golfer still searching for his first hole-in-one.