Peoples Security Bank & Trust was looking to invest in a new customer outreach program to convert more prospects into customers. With loyalty rates very high in the banking industry, adding new customers creates both short-term and long-term gains. After some strategic collaboration, we created location-based messaging designed to engage with prospects on their turf.

airport signage


The Challenge

The challenge of finding new customers is always a little tricky. In the banking industry, the majority of new customers come from those who have recently moved into the area or college students and young adults. In both cases, these prospect groups are looking to either engage with a new bank in their community or outright establish new banking services. Armed with this intel, we built campaigns that connected with airport travelers and college students.

The Solution

The solution targeted travelers at Lehigh Valley International Airport, an airport that serves the region that is central to many branches, and Rutgers University, a large school located in proximity to the PSBT Piscataway NJ Business Center.

For the airport advertising, we developed eye-catching signage strategically placed throughout Lehigh Valley Airport, including posters and TV displays. This campaign effectively promoted the convenience of banking on the go with PSBT, engaging travelers and building brand awareness. For the Rutgers University outreach, we created a dynamic short video to display on a jumbotron in a bustling courtyard on campus. This video highlighted the benefits of banking with PSBT and created a strong connection with the university community. 

Campus Video Billboard


The result of the campaign led to a spike in new customer applications for new accounts.


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Ernie Thomas



Advertising is in Ernie’s DNA as he’s a third-generation family member to join the business his late grandfather founded. With that pedigree comes an almost six sense of identifying the “it factor” needed to create campaigns that spark customers to action. Ernie (or ET) uses his outgoing personality to connect with clients to build strong collaborative relationships. He digs deep to uncover new opportunities that will make a measurable difference for each client’s business. A graduate of Eastern University and Saint Joseph’s University (MBA), he has the book smarts and experience to elevate brand communications with strategies that challenge the status quo. He’s always guiding Team SWBR toward the correct target audiences, smartest campaign messages, right digital channels and best traditional tactics suited to boost sales.

When he’s not working, Ernie enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter. He’s also an avid golfer still searching for his first hole-in-one.