Delivering measurable impact at every touchpoint

delivering measurable impact

At SWBR, we believe that we are more than an agency. We are an extension of your business and we’ll earn the title of your most trusted communications partner. It’s a promise to our clients that we’ll earn their business and trust every day.

Among the many ways we deliver on that promise is by committing ourselves to being a driver of business development for our clients. We hold ourselves accountable to this commitment by ensuring our efforts are aligned with client business goals and we measure impact wherever possible. It’s what every business should expect from a partner and it’s paramount to the success of our client-agency relationship.

While specific communications strategies and tactics vary greatly from one client to another, three high-level initiatives often serve as the foundation of our relationship. These initiatives are outlined below along with tangible examples of how we’ve impacted our clients’ businesses in 2020.

Develop sound communications plans

To move the needle you need strong messaging that creates enthusiasm for your brand. You’ll likely need one voice that reinforces your value to existing customers and another voice that motivates prospects to take action. Then you’ll need the right vehicle to deliver those messages. Below are a few approaches we’ve successfully used for our clients:

  • Launched email marketing campaigns for two B2B clients, helping each create regular communication with an audience of 50,000+ customers, prospects and vendors
  • Deployed organic social media and video marketing strategies for several clients, increasing audience engagement across multiple platforms
  • Secured dozens of significant public relations hits for B2B and B2C clients
  • Implemented marketing automation and remarketing triggered by website engagement for several clients to engage customers and prospects after a website visit
  • Developed and launched several new websites, each uniquely designed to encourage preferred user behavior and drive sales leads

Efficiently deploy marketing budgets

Your bottom line is our bottom line. When we build campaigns for you, we treat your budget like it’s our own money. We always negotiate the best rates possible and track where the money is most effectively being spent to maximize results. We are always focused on helping you succeed, and here are some examples of how we operate:

  • Saved a client 23 percent year-over-year in outdoor advertising expense without sacrificing preferred locations or average monthly impressions
  • Saved a client 19 percent year-over-year in digital industry publication media while increasing annual frequency and impressions 
  • Saved a client more than 200 percent in monthly website management expenses
  • Renegotiated media contracts for several clients to defer or remove expenses in response to COVID-19 business shutdowns
  • Optimized digital media budgets for several clients by identifying website traffic sources directly responsible for driving sales leads

Improve marketing benchmarks

We track everything for you with our digital campaigns, from each channel overall down to engagement of each individual ad. Then we evaluate website engagement and optimize each campaign to increase conversion rates. Within this process, we evaluate performance and ultimately build your business its own benchmark for success. This process has generated many successful campaigns as we:

  • Increased sales leads by 57 percent year-over-year for a B2C client
  • Grew 2020 Q3 sales leads by 23 percent compared to Q2 for a B2B client
  • Elevated website visitors by 84 percent year-over-year for a B2B client
  • Increased website traffic by 39 percent year-over-year for a B2C client
  • Boosted website visitors by 21 percent year-over-year for a B2C client

Whether you’re looking for help with something mentioned here, have a specific project in mind or are curious about what we would suggest for your business, reach out. Get in touch here or send me an email.



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Ernie Thomas



Advertising is in Ernie’s DNA as he’s a third-generation family member to join the business his late grandfather founded. With that pedigree comes an almost six sense of identifying the “it factor” needed to create campaigns that spark customers to action. Ernie (or ET) uses his outgoing personality to connect with clients to build strong collaborative relationships. He digs deep to uncover new opportunities that will make a measurable difference for each client’s business. A graduate of Eastern University and Saint Joseph’s University (MBA), he has the book smarts and experience to elevate brand communications with strategies that challenge the status quo. He’s always guiding Team SWBR toward the correct target audiences, smartest campaign messages, right digital channels and best traditional tactics suited to boost sales.

When he’s not working, Ernie enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter. He’s also an avid golfer still searching for his first hole-in-one.