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The most effective outdoor advertising is straightforward and to the point.

There are several things you can do to make your billboards stand out among all the boards dotted along the highway. The following basic principles are proven techniques that will improve the success of your advertising.

First off, keep your design simple. Remember your audience is on the move and you must deliver your message as quickly as possible for the most impact. You’ve only got a couple of seconds before your audience has driven by.

The golden rule to remember for outdoor advertising is seven words or less. These are not print ads, so avoid cramming in too much copy. The more copy you add to a billboard, the less your audience will be able to process, which in turn reduces its effectiveness. 

Font and color choices can make all the difference. Where fonts are concerned, think big, bold, and legible for those larger-than-life canvases. You don’t want anyone struggling to read your message because you chose a font that might only look great in a print ad or on a website.

Avoid crowding your type by kerning it too tight or stacking it without enough space. Colors can also have a great effect on readability as well. If your color choices are too close in value, your message won’t stand out. More contrast makes for quicker comprehension.

Everyone likes to look at eye-catching pictures and that’s no exception on billboards. Make your pictures unique. Boring pictures will not engage your audience and you will have wasted your opportunity. Clever and powerful images get attention. If your design looks like every other board, your message will be boring. It will miss the mark and it will be forgotten or ignored. 

Sometimes designs can extend beyond the regular parameters of a billboard for more uniqueness, impact and visibility, but there should be a creative rationale behind these types of billboards. You don’t want to break outside the norm just because. If the overall concept lends itself to a unique size, then that message will be even bolder in its final design.

Digital billboards are a growing option in most areas. They give you the opportunity to have multiple messages or to change your message on a regular basis. You can build on a concept if you sequentially use several boards to do it. Digital boards have different requirements for readability and artwork compared to vinyl boards. Pay attention to what kind of boards you’re running and adjust your artwork accordingly.

Last but not least, LOCATION is paramount! You want a location that people can see from a long way out. Avoid obstructed views so that everyone can see your ad. You also want your message visible to a lot of traffic. Working with the right media partner can make all the difference in the world for both price and location.

At SWBR, our team is experienced in billboard design, strategic concepts and media buying. We enjoy working with this oversized medium to create impactful outdoor advertising for our clients. We’ll work with you to deliver your message to the right target audience, and we’ll position your billboards in the right spot to maximum results.

If you’re looking for fresh marketing solutions or simply want an eye-popping outdoor campaign, contact SWBR and let’s start an award-winning collaboration today.




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